Keeping young kids engaged in playful learning this summer is EASY with Wikki Stix. The Patriotic Learning Activities are perfect for building fine motor, math, and sorting skills while having FUN. Grab your Wikki Stix and come play to learn with Patriotic activities designed just for young kids.

Patriotic Playful Learning Activities for Young Kids!

Wikki Stix Patriotic Fine Motor Firecrackers

To encourage fine motor strength and control, invite your own kids to create their own firecracker with Wikki Stix

Materials needed:

  • Assorted colors of Wikki Stix
  • Scissors
  • Free Firecracker Template – print here.


  1. Print the firecracker templates to heavy paper and cut out.
  2. Invite the kids to develop their own designs and firecracker decorations with Wikki Stix.

The firecrackers make FUN seasonal displays for the 4th of July or any Patriotic holiday!

Extension Activity – secure the finished firecracker to a long cake pop stick (or craft stick) with additional Wikki Stix.  Kids can then use the firecrackers as props for pretend play or family photos over the 4th of July.

Fine Motor Firecracker

Wikki Stix Patriotic Measuring Activity for Young Kids!

Try a Patriotic non-standard measuring activity to encourage math and reasoning skills this summer!

Materials needed:

  • Wikki Stix (Patriotic Colors)
  • Scissors
  • Patriotic Measuring Free Printable – print here.


  • Invite kids to look at the different items on the printable to visually determine how long each item is. Encourage them to compare the items to the boxes underneath.
  • Using Wikki Stix across the boxes, “measure” each item and cut the Wikki Stix at the box that corresponds to the length of each item on the page (see photo).

Patriotic Measuring Activity for Young Kids!

Wikki Stix Patriotic Size Sorting Activity for Young Kids!

Encourage visual discrimination, scissor skills, and creativity with a FUN Patriotic size sorting activity.

Materials needed:

  • Wikki Stix (Patriotic colors)
  • Scissors
  • Patriotic Size Sorting Free Printable – print here.

There are two different versions of this activity.  Page one of the free printable has five different sized flags.  Kids can cut out the flags and place in order from largest to smallest (or smallest to largest).  After ordering by size, kids can then cut small pieces of Wikki Stix to adhere the sorted flags to a separate piece of construction paper for a Patriotic display.

Page two of the free printable has five different sized rectangles.   Invite kids to cut out the rectangles and arrange in order according to size.  After sorting the rectangles by size, kids can use Wikki Stix to decorate the rectangles with Patriotic words and/or symbols.

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Patriotic Size Sorting Activity for Young Kids!