New Year’s Eve is a fascinating time for kids! Kids often know that the months of the year change, but December 31 ushers in a new month and a New Year! The Wikki Stix activities below are designed to help engage children in all of the night’s festivities!

New Years Eve Scavenger Hunt
Wikki Stix Created Scavenger Hunt for Kids (and adults)
Download the PDF file WS Scavenger Hunt

Materials needed: assorted Wikki Stix, scissors, and one printable file (linked above) per child.

Invite the children to craft the New Year’s items (as indicated by the text in the table). The items can be created in any manner the children desire. After creating the items, ask the children to go on a scavenger hunt around the house to see how many of the items in the table they can find! Adults can also partner with a child in creating the various items for the scavenger hunt.

Small prizes or candies can be given out in various categories: Best Design, Largest Number of Items Located, Shortest Time for Design, Best Cooperator, Most Creative Individual Item Design, etc.
Page 2 of the file (linked above) is intentionally left blank. The children can brainstorm different items for their own scavenger hunt. Younger children may wish to make a simple Wikki Stix (X) over the box as the various items are found.

My Name is in Lights Craft for Kids
Wikki Stix “My Name in Lights” New Years Eve Activity
Download the PDF file WS My Name in Lights

Materials needed: assorted Wikki Stix, scissors, and one printable file (linked above) per child.

Print one copy of the file above for each child. Have the children cut out the number of ovals and rectangles that correspond to the number of letters in their first name.

To make the lights: The children can place two small pieces of Wikki Stix on each end of the back of the black rectangle (see top of photo above). Press the oval firmly on the bottom of the rectangle and fold the top of the rectangle down and adhere to the front of the oval. The children can then form each letter of their name on the individual lights.

To make a string of lights: Thread a longer Wikki Stix strand through the top loop of each of the lights (if making necklaces or chains, Super Wikki Stix works well for this activity).

Created Words from Happy New Year
Wikki Stix New Year’s Created Words

Materials needed: paper plates or paper (any kind), scissors, and assorted Wikki Stix.

Invite the children to make the letters that form the words “Happy New Year” from Wikki Stix. For younger children, write the letters on an index card and see if the children can create the letters with Wikki Stix on their own paper.

Brainstorm a few words that might be created from the letters in the words “Happy New Year” with all of the children. It is helpful to partner very young children with an older child or an adult for this activity. See how many words the children can create on their own using just the letters in the words: Happy New Year.

Small prizes or candies can be given out to the children for: the most 3 letter words created, the longest word, the shortest word, the largest number of words created, the most words created within a pre-determined amount of time, etc.

New Years Craft Decorations for Kids
Wikki Stix New Year’s Decorations

Materials needed: paper plates or paper and any color of Wikki Stix.

Set out paper plate or paper and assorted Wikki Stix on a table or a tray. Invite the children to make spirals (or balls) from the Wikki Stix. Simple spirals can be made starting at one end of the Wikki Stix strand and wrapping the Wikki Stix around itself. This activity can be a group activity or an individual activity. Approximately 40 Wikki Stix spirals or balls will be needed to create the large numbers pictured above.

To make the numbers: invite the children to arrange the spirals (or balls) on the paper to form the numbers 2014. When finished, the numbers make great decorations for a New Year’s Eve Party!
From all of us at Wikki Stix, we wish you a joyous (and creative!) New Year!