Mother’s Day Poem and EASY Mixed Media Craft for Kids!

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, kids can create their own mixed media craft to accompany a poem that is sure to bring a smile of delight from all moms! The mixed media craft is easy to create with Wikki Stix and a few simple items. Print the poem below and gather a few supplies for a simple kid-created gift from the heart!

Wikki Stix Mixed Media Craft for Mother’s Day

Mixed Media Mother Day Crafts for kids

Materials needed:

  • Red/Blue/Yellow/Orange Wikki Stix
  • Scissors
  • Solid Color Scrapbook or construction paper (if desired, patterned papers or scrapbook cards can be used for decorative purposes as in the photo above)
  • An old key, magazine picture of a key, or a sticker with a key
  • One copy of the Mother’s Day Poem per craft. Download the Wikki Stix Poem Here

Gather all the materials on a large tray or table and invite the children to create!

  1. The children should cut out the poem and decide where to place it on their mounting paper (construction or scrapbook paper). To hold the poem in place, simply cut a small piece of Wikki Stix and place it on the backside of the poem or other decorative papers the children want on their collage (see photo below). No glue will be necessary.
  2. Mixed Media Crafts for Mother's Day

  3. Using the various colors of Wikki Stix, have the children create a simple SUNSHINE, HEART, TEAR DROPS, and the CROSS to correspond with the meaning of the Mother’s Day poem. If desired, the children can create clouds from blue Wikki Stix with yellow Wikki Stix “rays” to indicate HEAVEN instead of a cross. All the created items can then be pressed onto the mounting paper.
  4. To complete the mixed media craft, have the children use an old key, a magazine picture of a key, or a sticker with a key on it and place it on the mounting paper. NOTE – small cut pieces of Wikki Stix will hold the real key or a magazine picture of a key to the mounting paper.

If desired, the finished craft can be placed inside a photo frame for a special Mother’s Day gift from kids!

We wish all Mothers (and those who assume the role of MOM), a blessed Mother’s Day!

Please remember that Mother’s Day is not always a happy occasion for those that have lost a child. If you have friends or family that have lost a child and are grieving, extend a kind heart of remembrance.

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