You will need:
Wikki Stix (various colors)
Wax paper (one sheet)
Card stock (one piece)
Crayons (for the rubbing)
Pen or Wikkies (to write Happy Mother’s Day!)

Create your colorful flower on the wax paper, using Wikki Stix. Push down so the Wikki Stix are well positioned. Take your card stock paper and lay that over the flower. Push down hard. Turn the paper over and use your crayons to create the rubbing. Turn your card back over and peel the wax paper away from the Wikki Stix. The wax paper will peel back easily. Whallah! You have a double-sided card. Write “Happy Mother’s Day!” on both sides with your pen or use Wikkies.

Impress mom with your creative card this year!

A double sided Mother's Day Card, a fun craft idea for the kids