With the arrival of Despicable ME 3 in the theaters this summer, kids are once again enthralled with the little yellow Minions. Creating an adorable and mischievous Minion craft stick puppet is a breeze with Wikki Stix. Invite all the Minion-lovers in your own household to create their favorite Minion character with just two simple supplies and Wikki Stix.

MINIONS Fine Motor Craft Stick Puppets for Kids!

Parents, teachers, grandparents, and caregivers are going to LOVE how simple these Minion puppets are to create. With Wikki Stix, there is no paint to dry, no glue mess, and no tiny plastic button eyes to lose.

Materials needed:

  • One large craft stick (per Minion craft)
  • Black Wikki Stix, Light Blue Wikki Stix, Yellow Wikki Stix, and White Wikki Stix
  • Scissors


Set out the colors of Wikki Stix, large craft sticks, and scissors on the table as an invitation for kids to create the Minion puppet crafts. Kids should wrap the entire craft stick with black, light blue, and yellow Wikki Stix as given below:

  • Starting at the bottom end of one craft stick, invite kids to wrap one black Wikki Stix around the end to resemble the Minion’s shoes.
  • Kids can wrap light blue Wikki Stix above the black Wikki Stix until approximately one-half of the craft stick is covered.
  • Yellow Wikki Stix is then wrapped around the upper half of the craft stick until kids reach the top.
  • Kids can then use white and black cut pieces Wikki Stix to create any facial features, glasses, mouths, or hair to resemble their favorite Minion characters. In the photos, white Wikki Stix was wrapped around itself to form small pinwheels for the Minion’s eyes and then black Wikki Stix was used to outline the pinwheel eyes to create the glasses for the Minion puppets. Kids can use small white/black balls or create the facial features and accessories in any manner desired.

Invite kids to make several of the WIkki Stix craft stick Minion crafts to trade with friends or to design their own pretend play scenes. The Minion puppet crafts are simple and fun creations for play-dates or birthday parties, too. To create individual treat or craft bags for kids, place one of the large craft sticks and 5 Wikki Stix of each color (yellow, black, light blue, and white) inside of any cellophane or plastic bag and twist-tie closed with an additional Wikki Stix. Make a Wikki Stix Minion puppet bag for every child and set out scissors for an afternoon of creative fun with Wikki Stix. Kids will love creating their own fine motor Minion puppet crafts for pretend play with friends!

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