With the holidays fast approaching, the smells of the season are underway. The scents of cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and nutmeg excite memories of gingerbread through the senses. The Wikki Stix Miniature Gingerbread House Crafts use recycled K-Cups and are fun for kids (or adults) to create. Try making an entire gingerbread house village by recycling K-cups that would normally be thrown into the trash.

Miniature Gingerbread House Craft with K-Cups

Wikki Stix makes amazing holiday crafts. With an assorted variety of colors to choose from, kids and adults can create awesome designs for their recycled K-Cup gingerbread houses. Prior to beginning the craft, open the K-Cup and dispose of the left-over coffee grounds. Thoroughly wash and dry the cups before using for the gingerbread house crafts.

Materials needed:

  • Washed and dried K-Cups
  • Assorted colors of Wikki Stix
  • Scissors


  • Turn the K-Cup upside down (large rim to the bottom)
  • The gingerbread houses can be made from any colors of Wikki Stix. Begin at the top and wrap Wikki Stix around the cup tightly. Continue wrapping Wikki Stix close together and around the cup until you reach the bottom.
  • Decide what decorations to add to your gingerbread house. Some ideas might include: peppermints, candy canes, a door, windows, lollipops, a wreath for the door, a chimney (complete with billowing smoke coming out), or a snow-covered roof.
  • Kids can twist Wikki Stix together to make many of the decorations for their gingerbread houses. White and red Wikki Stix can be twisted together and wrapped into a spiral for the peppermints or the wreath. Green Wikki Stix can be twisted and formed into a rectangular shape for the chimney, and lollipops can be created from any two colors of Wikki Stix twisted together and formed into a spiral starting at one end.
  • What other decorations will you choose to make for your own gingerbread house with Wikki Stix?

The Wikki Stix Miniature Gingerbread House Crafts make awesome displays for the holidays. Using K-Cups keeps plastic out of the trash and recycled into something new. Create a new tradition, and a spin on gingerbread house crafts, with your own family this holiday season.

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