Melted Snowman Project for Kids

There are few things as exciting for kids as winter snow. Building a snowman ranks as one of the top winter activities for kids in locations that receive snowfall. The Wikki Stix Melted Snowman Project is a fun winter craft for kids to create while also encouraging creative thinking skills. Gather your own Wikki Stix and create with us wherever you are!

Wikki Stix Melted Snowman Project for Kids

Materials needed:

  • Orange Wikki Stix, White Wikki Stix, Black Wikki Stix, and any other assorted colors of Wikki Stix desired for snowman features.
  • One free printable snowman project for each child (print here).
  • Scissors


Prior to the activity, discuss the water cycle with your own kids:

  • Much of the Earth is covered with water.
  • Water that is heated by the sun escapes as vapor which is called evaporation.
  • Note: You can boil a small amount of water and let the children observe the steam escape.
  • Vapor then packs together to form clouds, which is called condensation.
  • Even though clouds are always present in the sky, it will not rain until the clouds become so heavy that they can no longer hold the water.
  • This heaviness in the clouds creates precipitation in the form of rain, snow, or ice.
  • The rain falls into our lakes, rivers, and oceans. Where it is COLD, the rain falls as snow or ice.
  • The water cycle continues over and over.

For a free printable to explore and create the water cycle with Wikki Stix, see here.

Set out all supplies on a table or tray as an invitation for the kids to create.

  • Kids can create any parts of a melted snowman desired with Wikki Stix.  Suggestions might include:  white Wikki Stix pinwheels (snowman’s body), cut pieces of black Wikki Stix (eyes and buttons), an orange Wikki Stix triangle (snowman’s nose), a tall black Wikki Stix hat, Wikki Stix created mittens, a scarf, a pipe, glasses, or stick arms created with brown Wikki Stix.
  • Invite kids to randomly arrange the created snowman parts on the free printable to indicate the snowman has melted.
  • Discuss creative ideas to answer the question:  Why did your snowman melt?  Younger children can verbally tell of their own idea or ask an adult (or older child) to help them write the answer on the printable.

Insert Why did your snowman melt? Photo here

The Wikki Stix Melted Snowman is a fun project to get kids creating and thinking this winter.  For more ways to play and create with Wikki Stix, please visit:

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