By Kem Clark, president of the Wikki Stix Co.

Mr. Wiskers

We have all had a ball making avatars of our pets, and this is mine…Mr. Whisker made on a soup can painted black. Mr. Whisker is a long-haired all black cat who actually has big thick white whiskers, which made it all the more fun to create his look-alike. I also havea little short-haired, very silly female cat named Boo, affectionately known as Boo Kitty, Lil Boo and of course, Boo Boo.

Mr. Mike
Wikki Stix White Bird

In our Wikkiland world, seven of us have pets, along with two outside team members and collectively we have 10 dogs, 9 cats, 3 horses, 2 birds, 1 guinea pig, and 1 fish. We also feed five adorable stray cats out behind our warehouse. Definitely, we are animal lovers. This is Mike, the Burmese Mountain/Spaniel mix…and this is Chicken…an umbrella cockatoo.

If you take a moment to make an avatar…or look-alike…of your pet, please send us an image to post on our website. You can email to

Wikki_Stix_white_horseStarbucks has a sign out now that says, Fall Rituals Old and New. Autumn is my favorite time of year but living in the desert I miss the gorgeous Fall colors. So a friend who lives in Upstate New York sends me a card each October filled with beautiful leaves, and I send one back, filled with bougainvillea blossoms. Long-standing Fall Ritual.

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