By Shara Weiss

My kids recently pulled out their Wikki Stix and said, “Let’s make jewelry!” This was their own idea and they had a blast making things for themselves as well as for me. They brought me necklaces and bangles and smiled proudly when I agreed to wear them. If you keep your jewelry away from pet hair, it will last for several days or weeks. The do-it-yourself jewelry is also perfect for dress-up and pretend play, tea parties, kid plays and puppet show jewelry.

Here are a few of the jewelry items they came up with:

Three rings:
A fun craft for kids, make a ring with Wikki Stix!

Making rings with Wikki Stix was a fun Craft Activity for my Kids

A fun Jewelry Craft!

Making Jewelry with Wikki Stix, a fun Bangle

We a made a necklace with Wikki Stix!

Angle bracelet:
Making Jewelry with Wikki Stix is a fun craft activity for the kids!

Have fun!