Are your kids counting down to an event of significance? Perhaps they are waiting for the beginning or end of school, a birthday party, a family trip or a sitter’s final day. Here’s a fun and colorful idea: make a countdown calendar using Wikki Stix! Offering a visual reminder can assist children with their understanding of time. As you count down each day, talk about what’s coming and allow your child(ren) to express the feelings they have about the event.  


Wikki Stix Countdown Calendar Crafts for Kids


Here is what you will need:


·         One large piece of paper

·         Construction paper or tissue paper (to design the flowers)

·         Glitter (to sprinkle on the flowers)

·         Wikki Stix (for the outlines, flower stems and decor)

·         Pens (to write your dates)

·         Glue (to glue the flowers onto the paper)


Calander Crafts for Kids


Work together to create your beautiful 3-D calendar. When finished, you can use Wikki Stix to attach the calendar to the fridge.


Let the COUNTDOWN begin!


How do YOU Wikki?