Lion Lunch Bag Craft
Bunny Lunch Bag Craft
Deer Lunch Bag Craft

Materials Needed:

  • Brown paper lunch sack
  • Wikki Stix
  • Paint (if desired) – Finger-paint works well as does acrylic paint. Paint should provide a smooth, slick finish on the bag.

Wikki Stix One-of-a-Kind Creatables stick without glue or paste. Just press down with fingertip pressure. To make changes, simply peel up & reposition.


  1. Paint front of bag the color of a lion.
  2. Using black Wikki Stix, make large circles for eyes; coil additional black Wikkies into small, tight circle for inner eye.
  3. For ears, press ends of brown Wikki Stix down near top of bag in triangular shape.
  4. With black Wikki, make shape of mouth as shown. Add another coiled Wikki Stix for the nose.
  5. Cut tan and gold Wikki Stix into 3″ and 4″ lengths. Begin midway down bag and alternate colors to form the mane.

Bunny Bag

  1. Paint bag white (or use white sack from bakery).
  2. For ears, press end of pink Wikki Stix down near top of bag, and form large loop, extending out beyond end of bag. You may need to use additional pink Wikki Stix to complete the bottom of ears
  3. Use black Wikki Stix to make mouth as shown. Coil additional black Wikki Stix to form nose; use small black pieces for eyes. Press whiskers onto sides of bag.

Bambi (or Rudolph)

  1. Leave bag unpainted.
  2. Using black Wikki Stix, cut to small length, press into place for eyes as shown, in curved fashion. Cut additional black Wikkies into very short lengths for eyelashes.
  3. Twist together two dark brown Wikki Stix and press onto back of bag, to form antlers. Cut smaller lengths and press into place on each one, to complete antlers.
  4. Using light brown Wikki Stix, create triangular shape and press down in front of antlers, to form ears.
  5. For Bambi, coil black Wikki Stix to form nose. For Rudolph, coil red Wikki Stix for nose, or use red pom pom, pressing into position with small piece of Wikki Stix.