Word WallA perfect early learning tool for teachers in the classroom. Creating a Word Wall with Wikki Stix is educational and fun.

Wikki Stix Educational Toys are safe, non-toxic and made in the USA! Wikki Stix conform to ASTM D-4236, the safety standard for use in schools.

Word Wall Ideas with Wikki Stix:

Make your letter headings stand out by tracing over the capital and lowercase letters with Wikki Stix,or make the letters entirely out of Wikki Stix. You can twist two Wikkies together to make them heavier and more visible.

Place a Wikki image by the letter to represent the beginning sound for a letter, and place it next to the letter heading. For example: Bb (picture of butterfly).

Highlight parts of words with Wikki Stix by "looping" or "tracing". For example:
Phonograms (_ay, _ill, _ock)
Prefixes (re_, dis_, un_)
Blends (br_, gl_, st_)
Vowel Spellings (ai, ea, oo)
Suffixes (_ing, _ly, _tion)

Color code types of words (parts of speech, contractions, homophones) by tracing the word or placing a colorful symbol next to it. Demonstrate the configuration of a word by looping the shape.

Make Wikki Stix pictures to illustrate Word Wall words.

Cut a Wikki into shorter lengths and use to show the division of words into syllables.

Show division of compound words.

Select word or words from the Word Wall and underline with Wikki Stix. Then have the students use them in various activities, e.g.:

  • Use the word in a sentence, oral or written
  • Select the correct words for oral close activities.
  • Use exemplars (containing common phonograms) for building word families.
  • Do a word sort activity
  • Write words on a grid to be used in "Wordo" (played like Bingo).

Have the students use Wikki Stix (loop or underline) to show a response to any "Find a . . . " prompt, e.g.:

  • Find a word that rhymes with book.
  • Find a word that ends with "ing".
  • Find a word with the short sound of ‘o’.

Developed by Julie Nordin, M.A., Ed.
Literacy Matters
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Peoria, AZ 85382