Lesson Plan: Math Estimation Activity
Area of Study: Math, Fine Motor Skills. PreK-1.

The Wikki Stix Pumpkin Estimation Activities–an activity to help develop early math and prediction skills.

Using Wikki Stix as a “non-standard” unit of measurement is a fun way for kids to gain early measurement and estimation skills! To complete the activity booklet, the following materials will be needed: a real or plastic pumpkin, one printable book for each child (or small group), and Wikki Stix.

Estimation Skills Discussion Prior to the Activity
Acquiring estimation skills for measurement is a challenging concept for kids. Explain to the children that estimating skills require “good guesses” to make a prediction. In this activity, the children will make a “good guess” of how many strands (or smaller cut pieces) of Wikki Stix it will take to measure (height and circumference) different pumpkins. Discuss with the children how to make a good prediction.

Some children like to consistently say, “100!” Discuss whether using 100 Wikki Stix to measure a pumpkin would be a good guess or not by measuring other things at home or in the classroom. How many Wikki Stix does it take to “measure” the hand of a child (height and circumference). Ask the children to look at the different pumpkins to visualize whether the size of the pumpkin is BIGGER or SMALLER than the size of a child’s hand. What other items at home or in the classroom can the children “measure” with Wikki Stix for perspective? Use the last page of this booklet (page 10) to record some of the items the children find to measure with Wikki Stix. If desired, smaller pieces of Wikki Stix can be cut with scissors and placed inside a container for use in estimating/measuring smaller pumpkins or the items found at home or in the classroom.

Download the printable My Wikki Stix Pumpkin Estimation Book (with activities) and lesson plan here!

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