Incorporating Early Counting Books, Songs, and Fingerplays

Download the One-to-One Correspondence PDF File Here

One-to-One Correspondence is the knowledge that a certain number relates to a specific quantity of objects. The goal is to help young children gain confidence not only with number recognition, but to help them move beyond just recognition and toward the question: How many items make up any specific number?

Download the Counting Mats PDF File Here

Materials needed: assorted Colors of Wikki Stix and a copy of counting mats for each child (the counting mats are a separate download). To reuse the counting mats, laminate or cover with clear contact paper.

Print the file (separate download above) for each child and laminate for durability. Each page is labeled with the number word/number that corresponds to the blank circles on each of the images. The children should use one strand of Wikki Stix to make the number of “balls” indicated on each of the pages (see photo above for an example).

Flower Counting

For younger children: introduce smaller numbers until the children are comfortable counting up by 1. Young children will often verbally count ahead. Remind the children to count carefully as they place the Wikki Stix created balls on the math mats.

Addition Extension: invite the children to use two of the math mats and count the total number of Wikki Stix balls on BOTH math mats.

Flag Subtraction

Subtraction Extension: start with a LARGER group of Wikki Stix created balls than indicated by the number on the math mats. Have the children place the corresponding number of balls on the math mats. How many balls are left outside of the mat? The children can create the subtraction problem with the Wikki Stix, if desired (see photo above).