Digestive System
Area of Study: Language Arts, Math, Science, Fine Motor Skills. Grades K4 through K6.

Specific Objective: The student will identify function and length of the intestines in the digestive system.

Required supplies:

Digestive System Visual Aid
Super Wikkis (at least 32 feet long)
Blank paper for each student

How to teach this Lesson:

  1. Review previous lesson featuring the functions of the digestive system
    (The stomach mixes up food, acts as a “holding tank” for food and removes the nutrients, then the food enters the intestines and some of the liquid is absorbed into the body to be used for fuel, the rest continues through the intestines as waste.)
  2. 2. Ask students to write down on their blank paper their estimate on the length of the intestines. Show them the space in the body that they occupy. Help them to visualize this area.
  3. 3. Solicit responses from the students and demonstrate these lengths (i.e. if the student estimates 4 feet, cut a 4 foot length of Wikki Stix and stick to chalkboard or wall. Continue this process as the students share their estimates.)
  4. 4. Tell the students that the average length of intestines is 32 feet if it is uncoiled and demonstrate with the Wikki Stix. The teacher can further the instruction by writing a fact such as: “The digestive system has a long tube that is made of muscle called the intestines”.
  5. 5. The teacher should ask for volunteers to carefully coil and stick the intestines (Wikki Stix) on the Digestive Visual Aid to demonstrate how our long intestines fit into our body. Amazing visual demonstration!
  6. 6. To conclude the lesson, ask the students to write a descriptive sentence about their discovery on the length of the intestine. Solicit students to read their sentences aloud to their classmates.

Curriculum Extension:
As students work on drawing a digestive system/intestines diagram, allow small groups of students to remove and replace the WiKki Stixs from the Digestive Visual Aid. This will reinforce the concept of correct intestine placement in our bodies.

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