Creating special handmade Valentine’s Day cards is a way to offer a gift from yourself to your intended recipient. With Wikki Stix, anyone can create awesome Valentine’s Day cards together – even if at the last minute. Take a moment to wind down, relax, and create special memories this Valentine’s Day with Wikki Stix.

Last Minute Valentine's Day Cards to Make

Materials needed:

  • Free printable Valentine’s Day Card Template(s) – download and print here.
  • Assorted colors of Wikki Stix
  • Scissors

Directions for the Tulips Handmade Valentine’s Cards:

  • Print the Wikki Stix Tulip card template to heavy paper.
  • To create the Wikki Stix tulips: make an outline of a tulip bulb with any color(s) of Wikki Stix desired on the printed card template, and then fill-in the tulip outline with additional Wikki Stix. Note: younger crafters may wish to create a “W” shape with one Wikki Stix, and then use an additional Wikki Stix to create the rest of the tulip (attach one end of the Wikki Stix to the W – top left, and then make a semi-circle shape before attaching the last end of the Wikki Stix to the W – top right). See photo below for a visual on creating the tulips for the handmade Valentine’s Day cards.
  • To create a stem for the tulips, two green Wikki Stix strands can be twisted together or one Wikki Stix can be used. The leaves can be created from green Wikki Stix oval shapes.

Directions for the Sun and Moon Handmade Valentine’s Day Cards:

  • Print the Wikki Stix Sun and Moon card template to heavy paper.
  • Create a sun and a moon with Wikki Stix for your Valentine’s Day cards.
  • Kids or adults can create the sun however desired. Some may wish to create an all yellow sun from a simple circle, while others may wish to use additional colors or shapes to resemble the sun.
  • The moon can be created with black and white Wikki Stix. Use black Wikki Stix to create a black spiral or pinwheel shape. By adding additional Wikki Stix, the spiral shape can be made larger as desired. Use white Wikki Stix to create any phase of the moon desired. The white shape can be pressed on top of the black spiral moon with firm fingertip pressure.

The Wikki Stix handmade Valentine’s Day cards can be stored until Valentine’s Day by placing sheets of parchment paper between the cards. The cards should be stored flat in a box and kept in an area that is dry.

Creating special Valentine’s Day cards, even if last minute, is a breeze with Wikki Stix! Give the gift of a handmade Valentine’s Day card while making special crafting memories this year with Wikki Stix.

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