Ladybug Girl and the Big Snow Activities for Kids

Ladybug Girl and the Big Snow by David Soman and Jacky Davis is another great picture book for kids in the Ladybug Girl series. The book is filled with wonderful illustrations and carries a theme of looking to the bright side of encountered problems! Your children will delight in reading the book (or sharing reading) and extending the book with the hands-on Wikki Stix activities suggested below!

Shared Reading and Literacy

Picture books are not only intended just for young children; older children and adults can share picture books and learn from them as well! In each of the Ladybug books, there are highlighted words or phrases that can be explored after the initial reading. “Ladybug Girl” is a main character word highlighted throughout the story along with phrases like, “Why is everything so hard?”

Invite the children to verbally share personal experiences that are relevant to the book. For example: Ask the children to share about a time when something was hard for them and how the children found a solution. Engaging children through personal experiences will help them discover the story and develop a love of reading!

Look over the highlighted words and phrases in the book with your children and invite them to create the words or phrases with Wikki Stix.

Wikki Stix Word Wall!

Invite younger children to help make words or the beginning letter for each of the highlighted/bolded words and phrases within the book. Older children may wish to create the phrases with Wikki Stix on heavy paper, cut out the strips, and then sequence the strips according to the events in the story.

Ladybug Math
Download the PDF Here

Materials needed: Printable math file above for each child (or small group) and black Wikki Stix.
There are several ways to use the math mats with children. Below are a few suggestions:
Print the large ladybug math mat and invite the children to make several small black balls or spirals from black Wikki Stix. Simple Wikki Stix spirals can be made by starting at one end of the Wikki Stix and wrapping the Wikki Stix around itself into a spiral.

Sing the following song with the children and invite each child to put a pre-determined number of Wikki Stix spots on the ladybug shape. Take the spots off and sing the song again, this time naming a different number of spots.

Sung to tune “London Bridges”: The Ladybug Girls she has ___ spots, has ___ spots, has ___ spots. The Ladybug Girl she has ___ spots, Lucky Ladybug Girl!
This is a great song and activity to focus on one-to-one correspondence and basic counting skills with younger children.

Lady Bug Math Mats

Older children may wish to use other math mats with the black Wikki Stix spots. The children can add, subtract, or multiply the two ladybug portions (as pictured above).

  • Roll a die two times and place the number of spots that correspond with EACH number rolled on separate sides of the ladybug math mat. The children can add, subtract the smaller number, or multiply the two numbers to find the sum.
  • The children can count the dots on the Ladybug Girl in two pages of the book (or in two different illustrations of the Ladybug Girl). The children can then add, subtract the smaller number, or multiply the dots counted from the pages. Use Wikki Stix on the math mat to reinforce counting concepts and for the creation of dots/numerals.

Math activities for kids

Wikki Stix can also be used to create the ladybug spots and numerals required to complete any of the various activities suggested on the Ladybug Math Mats. There are 10 math mats to print and use with your children at home (or in the classroom).

Ladybug Girl and the Big Snow by David Soman and Jacky Davis is a fun book to read with kids this winter! Extending the book with Wikki Stix will provide hours of hands-on learning and play!