Contibuted by Lisa from  Cheerios Underfoot, a wonderful Homeschooling Blog.

This is just part of a sample post! We’re starting off a unit on insects by learning about ladybugs, and I thought I’d share some of the resources we’re using, and activities we’re doing. (L is still doing his HOD curriculum, also, in case you were wondering.)

Display for Lady Bug Week

Our sensory bin this week is pretty simple. It consists of red rice, large and small lady bugs, tweezers, and magnifying glasses. V has been having a blast “catching” the ladybugs, and making up little stories about “mommy ladybug,” and her “babies.”

We’ve been doing some ladybug math, using the buggy addition and subtraction boards found here, and some ladybug gummy candy from Dollar Tree.

I’ve set up a tweezing activity for the kids, using the little bug catching kits from Dollar Tree, and pom poms. The kids are to remove the red and black pom poms from the bug jar with the tweezers, and sort them into small baskets.

I also picked up a red rubber ball from the dollar store, and drew black dots all over it with a sharpie. We’re using it to practice catching and throwing. (You may or may not remember that L has SPD, and has some motor delays.Things are actually coming along wonderfully in that department, by the way.)

We’ve been using components from this I is for Insects packet. The kids are especially enjoying the activity cards. Actually, so am I. Their interpretations of the activities are hysterical.

V is enjoying the preschool pack from here, and L has been working on some of the Grouchy Ladybug lapbooking components from homeschool share.

My bug themed Pinterest board is exploding with more fun ladybug ideas, some of which we’ll be exploring as time and interest permits.