Go Away, Big Green Monster by Ed Emberley is a fun book for kids, but it also helps kids deal with common fears of monsters. The end of the story empowers kids by telling the whimsical monster, “Go Away, Big Green Monster – You don’t scare me!” The Wikki Stix activities for Go Away, Big Green Monster will help build emerging literacy and color recognition skills while creating non-scary monsters through fine motor play.

: Go Away, Big Green Monster Activities for Kids!

Materials needed:

  • Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Black, Purple, and White Wikki Stix (plus assorted colors for kids to create their own monster crafts).
  • A copy of the book Go Away, Big Green Monster by Ed Emberley – (an animated version of the book can be found on Youtube)
  • Scissors
  • FREE printable activities to expand the story – download here.

Prior to doing any of the activities for Go Away, Big Green Monster, read or listen to the book by Ed Emberley. Kids will love the book and will ask to read it more than once. Repetition is key to learning for kids.

Activity Directions:

  • As a small group or parent/child activity, create the various monster features in the book with corresponding colors of Wikki Stix. The monster doesn’t have to shaped exactly as the book monster, but each feature should be created with the corresponding colors of Wikki Stix. In the book, the monster’s mouth looks orange, but use red as that’s the color the author intended (in printing, the monster’s mouth looks more orange than red, but it’s a minor complaint as the book holds value).
  • Place the individual monster features out on a table or tray. As kids become familiar with the book, they can re-tell the story by assembling their own monster with the Wikki Stix-created features.
  • Make a copy of the Go Away, Big Green Monster Color Recognition printable (linked above) to help kids with color recognition skills. Read each line on the printable and ask kids to make a Wikki Stix colored circle or ball to place in the blank(s) provided. It’s a hands-on way to observe color recognition and fine motor skills as kids create. There are colored circles at the bottom of the printable to serve as a guide for color choices to be used.
  • Print a copy of Monster – You Don’t Scare Me (linked here) for each child. Kids can use Wikki Stix to create their own non-scary monster craft with any colors desired.  Hint: laminate the monster printable and kids can use the template over and over again to build fine motor skills through creation and play.

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