October is designated as Fire Prevention Month to raise awareness about fire safety and to help protect all families from a fire emergency. As you discuss some of the fire prevention tips below, invite your kids to create a fine motor fire truck shapes craft with Wikki Stix. The firetruck shapes crafts are wonderful displays that will serve as a reminder to take fire safety seriously all year long.

Fine Motor Fire Truck Shapes Craft for Fire Prevention Month

Prior to doing the fine motor fire truck shapes craft, make a place for children to come together to talk about fire safety and create. Set out all crafting supplies on a large table. Kids are naturally drawn to colorful materials. The natural curiosity will create family moments to craft together, but it will also make moments to discuss some important fire safety tips.

Fire Prevention Tips for Families:

  • Adults should test alarms and change batteries – a large majority of fires go unrecognized due to faulty alarms.
  • Don’t forget to test CO (Carbon Monoxide) detectors when you test fire alarms in the home.
  • Discuss a family fire safety escape plan – include an outdoor meeting area where all family members should go to be accounted for. Discuss and teach kids how to use fire ladders, open windows, and crawling or stop/drop/roll techniques in case of fire.
  • Teach each family member how to call 911 in an emergency and how to operate a fire extinguisher.
  • Adults should make sure the furnace, water heater, and dryer are in good working condition. Dryer lint can accumulate and cause unnecessary fires.

Fine Motor Fire Truck Shapes Craft:

Wikki Stix Firetruck Shapes Craft for Fire Prevention Month

Materials needed:

  • Red, Yellow, Black, and Orange Wikki Stix
  • Scissors
  • Heavy Paper
  • Free Firetruck Shapes Template – pdf here


  • Kids can create their own versions of a fire truck using any shapes desired on heavy paper. For kids who wish a visual to get started, print the firetruck shapes template above.
  • Kids can create a red rectangle for the body of the firetruck, a red square for the top, yellow or orange shapes for the lights, black circles or balls for the wheels, and a yellow or black ladder. Kids may wish to add a Wikki Stix fireman, a water hose, or other items to their fine motor firetruck crafts.

The fine motor firetruck crafts can be created by kids of all ages. Kids will create according to their own individual abilities. The firetruck shapes crafts (see photos) were created by a 10-year-old and a 3-year-old. Each child developed their own firetruck shapes plan using Wikki Stix. It’s fun to watch children brainstorm shapes, design their firetrucks, and display them with pride. Kids won’t even know they are working to build fine motor skills using finger, hand, and wrist muscles.

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