With the holidays and the winter season fast approaching, thoughts turn to snow, snowmen, and festive decorations and crafts. Invite your own kids to make an easy, and FUN, fine motor snowman craft with Wikki Stix.

Fine Motor Snowman Craft for Kids

Prior to creating the fine motor snowman crafts, assemble the simple materials below and set them out on a table or a large tray. Kids are naturally curious about materials and will be drawn to explore the materials and create with them.

Materials needed for each snowman craft:

  • Any white paper (construction paper, copy paper, etc.) Fold the paper into squares (or small rectangles) and cut apart. One sheet of standard paper will make four-six snowmen “faces” for the fine motor snowmen crafts.
  • Black, White, Orange, Red, and Green Wikki Stix
  • Scissors

Directions for creating the snowmen crafts:

  • Each child should take one of the white paper pieces and accordion fold the paper. Lay the paper flat on a table, fold a section upward and crease the paper, and then flip the paper to make a fold down and crease the fold. Kids should continue accordion folding until the entire paper is done. When finished folding, kids can round the ends of the accordion fold with scissors, if desired. The accordion folded paper will become the snowman’s face. Note: learning to make accordion folds is awesome fine motor practice for kids. Use scrap pieces of paper prior to making the snowmen crafts so kids get the hang of how to make an accordion fold.
  • Kids can use black Wikki Stix to create the snowman’s top hat. The band for the top hat is created with white Wikki Stix, green Wikki Stix is used for the holly leaves, and red Wikki Stix is used to make the holly berries. There is no wrong or right way to create the hat. Kids can look at the snowman craft photo if they’d like a visual picture to guide as they create the crafts. Other colors of Wikki Stix can be use to make the band for the hat or kids might wish to create a flower for their snowman’s hat instead of the holly leaves and berries. Wikki Stix will be used differently by kids of various ages and abilities; each snowman craft will be unique to the child creating.
  • The snowman’s facial features are created with black, white, and orange Wikki Stix. The eyes for the snowman can be created with small cut pieces of black and white Wikki Stix. Form the pieces into balls or small spirals and attach to the snowman’s paper face with firm fingertip pressure. The snowman’s carrot nose is created by making an orange Wikki Stix triangle. Kids can use small cut black pieces of Wikki Stix, formed into balls, to resemble a “mouth made out of coal” for the snowman craft.
  • If desired, kids can create a hanger out of Wikki Stix to display their snowman craft. Fold a Wikki Stix into a tear drop shape and press the ends firmly together. Attach the hanger to the back of the snowman craft using firm fingertip pressure.

Snowman Books Your Kids Might Enjoy:

As your kids complete the fine motor snowmen crafts, enjoy reading some great books about snowmen together. Even older kids can benefit from family reading time.

All You For A Snowman by Alice Schertle

The Itsy Bitsy Snowman by Jeffrey Burton

The Biggest Snowman Ever by Steven Kroll

The Snowman by Raymond Briggs

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