As kids head back-to-school, help encourage fine motor skills with a fun Wikki Stix School Bus Name Craft. Kids will love displaying their school bus name crafts at home, in childcare, or in the classroom this fall. Print the free school bus template and build important skills with Wikki Stix.

Wikki Stix School Bus Name Craft for Kids

The familiar sight of school buses in our neighborhoods and communities signal that back-to-school time is here. Your kids will delight in creating their own special school bus name crafts with Wikki Stix.

Materials Needed:

  • Yellow, Black, and Red Wikki Stix for standard school bus colors. Kids can also choose other Wikki Stix colors to create the fine motor school bus name craft.
  • Free printable school bus template – just download and print the template here. (load pdf bus template)
  • Scissors

Fine Motor School Bus Craft for Kids


  • Print the school bus template and laminate if desired. Some kids may wish to design their own school bus craft with Wikki Stix. The template is provided for kids who want a visual to outline for making their Wikki Stix fine motor school bus name crafts.
  • Kids can outline the bus template with yellow Wikki Stix for a standard school bus color. Following along the yellow outline, kids should use additional Wikki Stix to fill-in the white and black portions of the school bus, windows, wheels, and lights (see photos below).  Kids can choose any color(s) of Wikki Stix to make the school bus name crafts – purple, pink, red, or orange buses make the craft individual to the child creating.
  • When the craft is finished, kids can use Wikki Stix to personalize their school bus name crafts. Kids can create their names in cursive, upper and lowercase print, or in any manner desired.

The Wikki Stix school bus name crafts are fun to make, but they also encourage small finger, wrist, and hand muscles to develop fine motor skills. As kids head back-to-school, the fine motor school bus name crafts make awesome displays at home, in a childcare environment, or in the classroom.

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