Quilling is an art form traditionally made by using rolled pieces of paper. With Wikki Stix, quilling requires no glue as Wikki Stix are tacky. Kids, adults, and seniors can strengthen hand, wrist, and finger muscles when creating the beautiful quilled ladybug crafts this spring. Try some of the Wikki Stix quilling techniques on the free template to design your own quilled ladybug crafts right at home.

Ladybug Quilled Crafts with Wikki Stix

Materials needed:

  • Red, White, and Black Wikki Stix
  • Scissors
  • Free printable Ladybug Template (print here) – load pdf file

Prior to creating the quilled ladybug crafts, print the template and laminate (or cover with clear contact paper). Laminating is not required, but it will allow the Wikki Stix to lift from the template with ease when designing the quilled ladybug crafts.

Practice the Wikki Stix quilling techniques below (or design your own techniques) before you begin creating your own quilled ladybug craft. The quilling techniques are simple to make, yet they promote hand, finger, and wrist muscles to develop and strengthen while creating.

Wikki Stix Quilling Techniques:

Quilling Techniques

  1. Basic Wikki Stix Spiral – lay one Wikki Stix flat on a table. Beginning at one end, roll the Wikki Stix strand tightly around itself to create a spiral or pinwheel.
  2. Basic Wikki Stix Double Spiral – roll the Wikki Stix from both ends until the spirals meet at the center.
  3. Twisted Wikki Stix Double Spiral – twist two Wikki Stix together and then roll from both ends until the twisted spirals meet in the center.
  4. Basic and Twisted Wikki Stix flourishes – using one Wikki Stix or two Wikki Stix twisted together, create curves and bends (to the right or left) for use on the ladybug template. The flourishes create graceful lines to add beauty to the ladybug craft.

After trying some of the basic quilling techniques with Wikki Stix, create the designs directly on the ladybug template. Remember, there is no wrong or right way to design with Wikki Stix. Wikki Stix will lift from the laminated ladybug template with ease to re-design with another quilling technique as desired. The Wikki Stix quilled ladybug crafts make beautiful spring crafts unique to each individual who creates.

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Quilling Techniques

Basic Wikki Stix Spiral

Double Spiral

Twisted Double Spiral