Wikki Stix Fall Handprint Craft and Playful Learning Activities for Kids!

With fall just around the corner, there are many opportunities for playful learning with Wikki Stix! Come create a handprint tree craft, play with created leaf patterns, and explore fall words and beginning letters!

Materials needed: white paper, scissors, a pencil, and assorted fall colors of Wikki Stix.

To make the tree: on white paper, have the children trace their non-dominant hand with a pencil (assist younger children). With brown Wikki Stix, invite the children to trace the handprint outline to create the “tree.” Older children may wish to fill-in the handprint completely with brown Wikki Stix.

To create the leaves: cut one Wikki Stix strand in half. Fold the Wikki Stix strand over and pinch the top and the bottom together (leaving an opening in the center). If desired, the leaf veins can be created with Wikki Stix. Place the leaves around the brown handprint to create the fall tree.

The children may wish to create other fall items (like apples or pumpkins) with Wikki Stix to add to their fall tree craft!
The trees make great fall displays at home or in the classroom!

Fall Patterning Activity


Materials needed: fall colors of Wikki Stix and scissors.

Invite the children to create various colors of fall leaves (per instruction given above). When the leaves are created, have the children form basic patterns with the colored leaves.

The children can create an AB pattern by alternating just TWO colors of leaves:

AB Patterning

Using THREE colors of leaves will create an ABC pattern:

ABC Leaf Patterning

The children can also create an AABBCC pattern using THREE colors of Wikki Stix:

AABBCC Patterning

What OTHER patterns can YOUR children design with the Wikki Stix created fall leaves?

Fall Beginning Letters and Words


Materials needed: one printable file (download the Fall Beginning Letters pdf here), scissors, and Wikki Stix.
Print the file above for each of the children. Laminate the pages for durability if desired.

For younger children: Say the name of the picture and invite the children to create the FIRST LETTER of the word with Wikki Stix.

For older children: The children can create the entire fall word with Wikki Stix using capital letters, a combination of created letters, or cursive writing.

EXTENSION ACTIVITY: Print several copies of the file above and use the fall cards for a matching game. Cut apart the picture cards and place face down on a table or the floor. Invite the children to turn over 2 cards at a time to see if a match is found. If the cards match, the children keep the cards. If the cards don’t match, turn them face down again and play continues. The game is over when all picture cards have been matched.

For older children: write the NAME of the picture in the blank boxes. Invite the children to match the picture card with the corresponding word for the picture.
Playful learning with Wikki Stix provides a sensory layer that will enhance learning! We hope your children enjoy creating and playing with Wikki Stix this fall!