In many areas of the United States, nature is alive with the beautiful warm colors of fall. Introduce your own kids to the basic color wheel, and then use warm Wikki Stix colors to create a beautiful harvest sunset craft kids can display all month long.

Exploring Warm Fall Colors_Harvest Sunset Craft for Kids

Materials needed:

Prior to creating the harvest sunset craft, print a copy of the basic color wheel for each of your kids. While there are many shades of colors and color mixtures, the basic color wheel includes – COOL COLORS (associated with cold and snow): green, blue, and purple and WARM COLORS (associated with fire, sunlight, and autumn): yellow, orange, and red.

In fall, the warm colors in the color wheel are seen in nature. Fall leaves reveal hues of red, yellow, and orange while the harvest moon and setting sun make colorful displays. To explore warm color with kids, try creating a harvest fine motor sunset craft with warm colors of Wikki Stix.


  • Show a picture of the Wikki Stix harvest sunset for inspiration if kids need an idea to begin.
  • Invite kids to use black Wikki Stix to create a sunset landscape or print the free sunset template linked above. Black Wikki Stix is used not only for shape definition in the landscape, but as a means to separate the warm color sections in the harvest sunset crafts. Kids don’t have to create the same landscape design as in the photo below, but remind kids to use warm colors (red, yellow, and orange) for their harvest sunsets.

When created with warm Wikki Stix colors, the harvest sunset is a beautiful craft to display during November. Kids will have fun creating while learning a little the basic color wheel, too. For more Wikki Stix crafts kids will enjoy making this November, please see any of the fun activities below:

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Warm Colors Harvest Sunset Craft for Kids