With fall fast approaching, many trees are beginning to show the beautiful colors associated with the fall season. The Wikki Stix fine motor fall tree craft is a simple craft for kids to create while exploring why fall leaves “change” colors. Come create, play, and learn with Wikki Stix this fall!

Exploring Fall Leaves: Simple Fine Motor Fall Tree Craft

To explore fall leaves with kids, read the book, Fall Leaves Change Colors by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld.  The book is intended for kids ages 5-6, but it is a good introductory book for kids slightly younger or older, too.

Fall leaves do not really change colors, the vibrant colors are already there!  To help kids understand the process, explore the following:

Why Do Fall Leaves “Change” Colors?

  • Leaves need sunlight, air, water, and chlorophyll to make food (sugar) for the tree.
  • Chlorophyll is the green dominant pigment in leaves during the spring/summer.  The green pigment hides the other colors in the leaf.
  • Leaves get less light each day in the fall and stop making food to prepare for the winter.
  • The chlorophyll (green color) fades and other colors (mainly red/yellow/orange/tan) in the leaves begin to show.
  • The stems of the leaves will weaken (without food) and the leaves fall from the trees.

Wikki Stix Simple Fine Motor Fall Tree Craft for Kids!

Invite kids to create their own fall tree craft with fall colors of Wikki Stix!

Materials needed:

  • Red/Orange/Brown/Yellow/Green/Purple Wikki Stix
  • Heavyweight Paper
  • Scissors


  • Kids should create the outline of a tree on the paper with brown Wikki Stix. There is no wrong or right way to create the tree.  Kids may wish to cut smaller pieces of brown Wikki Stix to make more branches for their trees.  Wikki Stix is easily cut with safety scissors for younger kids who wish to create.
  • The leaves are created with half pieces of Wikki Stix formed into teardrop shapes. Kids can cut Wikki Stix in half, form the teardrop with one half of a Wikki Stix, and then fill in the teardrop with additional Wikki Stix.
  • Kids can make various colors of the teardrop shaped leaves for their fall trees. It’s great fine motor play to encourage hand and finger strength!

The finished fall trees make fun fall decorations at home or in the classroom!

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Fall Leaves Change Colors by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld

Fall Leaves Change Colors by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld

Simple Fine Motor Fall Tree Craft for Kids

Simple Fine Motor Fall Tree Craft for Kids