By Kem Clark, president of the Wikki Stix Co.

Need an excuse to sing dance, laugh, cry, shout…or eat chocolate?
We’re here to help.

Wikki Stix Car and Driver

In October there are lots of great reasons to do all of those things.
For example, October 2nd is “Name Your Car Day”! You haven’t named
your car? Let’s get on with it. I happen to drive an SUV, mostly because
I am always hauling something back and forth to Wikkiland. And, since
it is big… and as a tribute to the kids on the block… my car is named
Big Wheel.

October 3rd is…World Smile Day. We should ALL participate in this one.
In fact, it is the first Friday of every month. So go for the bright red lipstick…
or the more subtle gloss… or whatever works best… and smile all day long!
Be generous with those smiles because…

Following all that smiling is International Frugal Fun Day, the first Saturday
of the month. Not sure I can help you here except to suggest, don’t buy the
fancy, expensive purse….have fun being more frugal…and grab a smile from
yesterday to make it work! Or just have a picnic in the backyard.

Okay… enough for the first week of October. But come back next Monday for
lots more. When you hang out in a place called Wikkiland, your mind works in
strange and curious ways, so there will be more each week. Keep the chocolate
close by, and get out your dancing shoes!