With the holidays quickly approaching, crafting with kids is a special way to create memories and involve them in preparations for holiday get-togethers. Grab your Wikki Stix to make festive (and EASY) Thanksgiving crafts for display or the family table!

EASY Pumpkin and Indian Corn Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Pumpkin Craft for Kids

Easy Pumpkin and Indian Corn Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Materials needed for the pumpkin craft:

  • 6-8 Orange Wikki Stix
  • 1 Brown Wikki Stix
  • 1 Green Wikki Stix

STEP 1: Invite the kids to make a star pattern with 6-8 orange Wikki Stix on a table or a large tray.

STEP 2: One at a time, bring each orange end up to connect at a center point. Press all the orange end together firmly to create a pumpkin shape (see photo).

STEP 3: Fold a brown Wikki Stix in half and then in half one more time. The brown Wikki Stix should be pressed onto the top of the Wikki Stix pumpkin.

STEP 4: Spiral one green Wikki Stix loosely around a pencil or finger. Gently lift the spiral off and attached to the brown stem.
Thanksfiving Crafts for Kids
The created pumpkin crafts make FUN place card holders or centerpieces for the Thanksgiving table. Be sure to create the Indian corn crafts below to add a festive touch to the holiday tablescape!

Materials needed for the Indian corn craft:

  • 5 Yellow Wikki Stix
  • Orange, Yellow, Purple, Red Pony Beads
  • Scissors

Step 1: Invite the kids to thread the colored pony beads onto four of the yellow Wikki Stix. Hint: fold a tiny piece of the Wikki Stix end upward so that the pony beads won’t be pushed off the Wikki Stix as more beads are added.

Indian Corn Thanksgiving Crafts for KidsThe kids can create any pattern with the pony beads. Threading pony beads onto Wikki Stix is a great fine motor activity for kids! Please supervise children who still mouth small objects closely as pony beads are a choking hazard.

Step 2: Lay the four beaded Wikki Stix strands side by side and attach the yellow Wikki Stix ends together on the top and bottom. Simply press each of the ends together to create a shape that resembles Indian corn. Note: some pony beads may have to be removed if the kids have completely filled the strand.

Step 3: Cut small pieces of yellow Wikki Stix and attach to the top of the created Indian corn (see photo).

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