Easy and Colorful Butterfly Crafts for Kids!

Near the end of summer, our own kids always find colorful butterflies outside. With school just starting for many families, the Wikki Stix butterfly crafts are an easy after-school craft to help kids unwind and have fun while creating. Each butterfly craft will be displayed proudly as kids create their own colorful butterfly wing patterns with Wikki Stix.

Butterfly Crafts for Kids!

Materials needed:

  • Craft Sticks or Popsicle Sticks (2 per butterfly craft)
  • Assorted colors of Wikki Stix
  • Scissors



  • Set out the crafts sticks and Wikki Stix as an invitation for kids to create the butterfly crafts.
  • Kids should choose what colors of Wikki Stix and butterfly wing patterns they wish to create.
  • Both of the craft sticks should be wrapped entirely with the chosen colors of Wikki Stix. Note: remind kids to wrap the Wikki Stix close together as they go around the craft stick. When they come to the end of a Wikki Stix, just press the Wikki Stix end to the craft stick and start with a new one.
  • When finished wrapping both of the craft sticks with Wikki Stix, press the 2 craft sticks firmly together in the center to create an X (see photo). Turn the X horizontally to resemble the butterfly’s wings.
  • The butterfly’s body is created with 2 or 3 Wikki Stix twisted together. Fold the twisted strands in half and firmly press the body to the center of the butterfly craft.
  • Kids can create eyes, a mouth, or antennae from cut pieces of Wikki Stix. Wikki Stix is tacky and the butterfly features with adhere to the craft without the need for tape or glue.
  • If desired, a hanger for the butterfly craft can be created with an additional Wikki Stix. Fold one Wikki Stix in half (leaving a loop at the top). Press the Wikki Stix hanger firmly behind the butterfly craft. The colorful butterfly crafts make beautiful displays in a window or a kid’s bedroom.

Creating the colorful butterfly craft is a breeze with Wikki Stix. With Wikki Stix, kids can relax after-school and create fun projects they will want to display. For more amazing butterfly crafts to create with Wikki Stix this school year, please visit:

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