By Shara Weiss

After accepting a job in a special needs classroom I was asked to teach Art each week. I happily accepted. I taught Art Masterpiece as a volunteer when my eldest son was younger. I suspect this is one of the reasons I was offered the job, in fact – they needed a Paraprofessional who could also be an Art instructor! (wink)

I first prepped four eggs to present to the kids as samples. Visit the Wikki Stix on Pinterest to view the eggs.

During the art class I explained to the kids that they could use my samples as a starting point. They were also free to create an egg in any manner of their choosing. The kids asked to extend our art session because they were enjoying the Wikki Stix so much. Each child ended up creating between one and four eggs. Even the kiddos who usually say “No” to art time decided to participate in this project. They took their eggs home to show their parents.

Here are their creations:
Special Needs classroom Easter Arts and Crafts Project