Getting creative and crafty allows girls to express their individually and direct energy toward artistic and positive projects. With the new Wikki Stix Create and Decorate Kit, girls can make awesome friendship crafts to wear or gift to others!

Create and Decorate: Friendship Crafts for Girls

Create and Decorate: Friendship Crafts for Girls

Materials needed:

  • Wikki Stix Create and Decorate Kit – the kit comes complete with a Colorful Carry Case, 144 Assorted colors of Wikki Stix, Blank Greeting Cards, 4 Project Sheets, and a Small Bag of Jewels for decorations.
  • Scissors
  • Hair clips, Ribbon, Empty Cardboard Tubes

Rainbow Rings with Bling:

  • Wrap the desired rainbow colors of Wikki Stix around a finger to size.  Cut the desired length of Wikki Stix, leaving a little extra to twist behind the finger.  Decorate the Wikki Stix rings with jewels to share with friends or wear.

Decorate Hair Clips:

  • Girls can create shapes, flowers, initials or other crafts to add to the ends of basic hair clips. Jazz up inexpensive clips with creative flair.

Friendship Bracelets and Bands:

  • Cut an empty cardboard tube in fourths or sixths (horizontally) and then cut the circle shape open.  Cover the cardboard with any color of Wikki Stix and decorate with the jewels. The created bracelets and bands are perfect for sharing with friends.

Friendship Cards:

  • Make special cards to gift to friends. The Create and Decorate Kit comes with 3 specially coated cards to design with Wikki Stix.

Make Ribbon Awards for Special Friends:

  • Cut any length of solid color ribbon and decorate with the Wikki Stix and jewels from the Create and Decorate Kit.  Gift the created Wikki Stix ribbons to friends.

School Pride Friendship Bracelets:

  • Create fun bracelets to share with friends using your own school colors. Simply twist two strands of Wikki Stix together for a bracelet craft showing your own school pride!

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