Do you know ALL that your kids can do with Wikki Stix? Wikki Stix is a versatile, hands-on creation tool for kids of all ages. Kids can build, create, and learn with Wikki Stix all year long. We’ve gathered some of the best Wikki Stix creations for your own kids to try this year. Come play, construct, create, and learn with us all year through.

Construct, Create, and Learn All Year Long with Wikki Stix!


  • Use the free template to create a melted snowman project! This project invites kids to critical thinking while using fine motor skills to create a snowman with Wikki Stix.
  • Kids can create their own snowman snow globe with Wikki Stix. Follow the simple instructions for winter fun.
  • Learn a little about the water cycle and create Frosty’s “baby picture” with Wikki Stix.
  • Snow Cone Snowman crafts encourage fine motor skills while creating with Wikki Stix. These snowmen can be made with any colors of Wikki Stix for whimsical winter decorations.
  • Create a winter landscape with Wikki Stix. Invite kids to look outside and create what they see. The landscapes are fun to create and display.
  • Read The Ladybug Girl and the Big Snow then try a sensory Penguin crafts with Wikki Stix.




  • Create a special Mother’s Day Mixed Media Collage with Wikki Stix (free poem to print, too).
  • Kids can create a coupon book for mom with this free printable booklet to make for Mother’s Day.
  • Invite kids to create a special card for mom with Wikki Stix. It’s a double-sided card that’s sure to bring a smile on Mother’s Day.
  • Invite kids to learn the letters of their own name in Braille. It’s fun to learn something new and create with Wikki Stix.
  • Longer days create the perfect time to learn about the night sky. Create the phases of the moon with Wikki Stix! Kids will delight in looking at the moon nightly.
  • Invite kids to create simple string-art flowers with Wikki Stix.

Crafts and Learning for Kids






With Wikki Stix, kids can construct, create, and learn all year long. Gather your own Wikki Stix and try some of the monthly suggestions for play and creativity throughout the New Year.