Candy Cane_Peppermint Ornaments Crafts for Kids

In many homes, it is a Christmas tradition to hang candy canes or peppermint garland from the Christmas tree. Using Wikki Stix to create special ornaments for the Christmas Tree is not only fun, but the ornaments are also a re-usable gift for children!

Peppermint Ornament

Wikki Stix Christmas Peppermint Ornaments

Materials needed: Red/White Wikki Stix, scissors, and Plastic Wrap.

To create the peppermint: Make a spiral of 3 red Wikki Stix. The designs on the peppermint can be made by cutting three white Wikki Stix strands into shorter pieces with scissors. Safety scissors can be used, but younger children may require assistance (see photo below).

Peppermint Ornament Craft Idea for Kids

Starting at the center of the red spiral, lay the white Wikki Stix around the red spiral to create a peppermint design (see photo below).

Ornament Craft Idea
Wrap the Wikki Stix Peppermint in plastic wrap and tie the ends with red Wikki Stix. If desired, the peppermints can be strung together with red Super Wikki Stix to create a peppermint garland for the tree.

Finished Peppermint Ornament

Invite the children to make other peppermint designs or add green Wikki Stix to their peppermint ornaments. They are festive and fun ornaments to create!

Simple Wikki Stix Candy Cane Ornament Crafts

Materials needed: 2 Red and 2 White Wikki Stix

To make the candy canes: On a table or a tray, alternate the red and white strands of Wikki Stix (see photo below).

Candy Cane Crafts for Kids

Starting at the top of the Wikki Stix, twist all the red and white strands of Wikki Stix together (as in photo below).

Candy Cane Crafts

When the strands are fully twisted, make a hook at the top to form the candy cane.

Finished Candy Cane

The Wikki Stix candy canes and peppermint crafts are simple crafts for children to make and hang on the Christmas tree. As friends or family visit, the children can pass out unique ornament gifts that guests can re-use during the holidays!

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