Wikki Stix celebrates Read Across America Day with a special Lorax craft for kids! Grab your Wikki Stix and The Lorax by Dr. Seuss to join thousands of other teachers, parents, and kids in promoting literacy across America on March 2, 2019!

Wikki Stix celebrates Read Across America Day with a special Lorax craft for kids!

The Lorax by Dr. Seuss

Your kids will enjoy the clever rhymes and typical Seuss-style illustrations in The Lorax by Dr. Seuss. The book compels readers to engage in the plight of the Truffula trees, but also offers an important message about preserving the trees on our Earth; with just one seed, there is hope for life to carry on! If you do not have a copy, visit your local library to have it on hand for reading and creating a special Wikki Stix Lorax craft on March 2!

Wikki Stix Lorax Craft for Kids!

Wikki Stix Lorax Craft for Kids!

The Wikki Stix Lorax Craft is a fun way to extend the book while promoting fine motor skills and creativity!

Materials needed: Yellow, White, Black, and Orange Wikki Stix, clay miniature planters, scissors, and any candies or treats desired (in the photo above, our kids used chocolate covered candies, but miniature crackers, other candies, dried fruits/nuts, or miniature marshmallows can also be used).

Lorax Features

To create the LORAX features with Wikki Stix:

Invite the children to create by laying all supplies out on a large tray or a table.

  • The mustache is designed with 4-5 yellow Wikki Stix strands (do not separate). Invite the children to fold each end (all 4-5 stands together), one at a time, toward the center of all the yellow strands (see photo below). The children can then form the yellow Wikki Stix into a mustache shape.
  • The eyes for the Lorax are made from ¼ of a white Wikki Stix wrapped around itself to form a spiral. Cut pieces of black Wikki Stix will finish the Lorax’s eyes.
  • The Lorax’s nose is designed from one orange Wikki Stix formed into a ball shape.
  • If desired, the children can twist small cut pieces of yellow Wikki Stix and form into shapes that resemble eyebrows for the Lorax.

When all the features are created, the children can place the Wikki Stix created features on the miniature clay pots (see photo below). Fill the Lorax planters with any treats the children like for a fun craft to celebrate Read Across America Day.

Lorax Treat Cups Craft Idea for Kids


Materials needed: Wikki Stix, scissors, seeds (any kind), and small envelopes.

Help the children make seed packets by placing seeds into small envelopes. The children can make the word “LORAX” with Wikki Stix or design other Wikki Stix decorations for the seed packets. After the treats are gone, the children can use their clay pots to plant their own seeds at home or in the classroom. It’s a fun activity to extend the book and promote awareness of how things grow!

Lorax Seed Cups

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