Written by Kem Clark, President of the Wikki Stix Co.

There is always so much going on in Wikkiland that every time we discuss starting a Blog, it gets pushed to the back burner… in favor of new product development, advertising schedules, inventory, mailings, root beer floats for staff birthdays…and countless other things.

But we’re here, and we’re eager to talk to you… and hear from you.

If you’ve visited our “About Us” page on our website, you have seen the Wikki “avatars” of four of us in Wikkiland. Not only would we like to hear from you, but it would be fun to see you as well, with your own Wikki avatar! If you send us an image of your Wikki self-portrait, 3-D or flat design, with your name on it (first name only) we will be happy to add you to our Portrait Gallery. Name and city… would be fun! Let’s see where everybody is.

Wikki Stix Restaurant and Treasure Chest Units!

If you did some traveling this summer, you may have received Wikki Stix in a number of restaurants… like Ted’s Montana Grill, or any of the Margarita’s Mexican restaurants throughout New England, or maybe P. F.Chang’s, or Grand Lux, or Isaac’s Deli. Maybe you were on Long Island, and ate at the Beachtree Café in East Islip. Or you may have visited Yosemite Park and enjoyed a meal and the beautiful view at the Ahwahnee Hotel… and received Wikki Stix there!

A visit to The Breakers in Palm Beach, FL would provide you with Wikki Stix in the children’s activity center. Or a trip to Sunriver Resort in Oregon, as well as the Resort at Pelican Hill along the Laguna/Newport Coast of California. And if you flew on Allegiant Air, and purchased a kid’s meal pack… you received Wikki Stix, the travel toy included in the pack to entertain young passengers. And… I can smell the chocolate in the air as I write this… if you vacationed in Hershey PA and stayed at the Hershey Lodge, you received Wikki Stix there as well.

Wikkies were ready to welcome and greet you in many fun and delicious places on your summer vacation, and I hope you encountered them along your travels.
While we all trying to weather the economic uncertainty going on all around us, there is a great email circulating among us, which you may have seen. If not, let me share it with you. It’s entitled, What Have We Learned in 2066 Years?

On-Line Gift Certificates are now available!

“The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance.” Cicero… 55 B.C.

Meanwhile, back at Back-to-School…there are so many things to consider. An appreciation gift for the new teacher. Maybe something fun she can use as ice breakers for her new students. And what about those back-to-school supplies for your own children? We are now offering a Gift Certificate which can help you with all of these considerations. A Rainbow Pak in every Backpack….will give kids some extra dimension for those school projects.