Early Childhood Education Teaching Ideas

Are you a teacher or home educator? Are you looking for fun ways to use Wikki Stix in the classroom or at home? Here are ten great ways to use our product as a part of your teaching curriculum:

  1. Use Wikki Stix when learning about sea life. The children can create sea creatures and ocean scenes.
  2. Use Wikki Stix when learning about numbers. Our product can easily be bent, manipulated and re-used, number after number.
  3. Use Wikki Stix when learning about letters. Wikki Stix can be used again and again, letter after letter.
  4. Use Wikki Stix during Touch Math lessons. Our stix can quickly be shaped into numbers and rolled into circles as ‘touch points.’
  5. Use Wikki Stix during art lessons: anything goes!
  6. Use Wikki Stix when teaching about emotions. You can create various faces with our product to show “happy” or “sad” or “excited.”
  7. Use Wikki Stix during the holidays – to create ornaments and room décor.
  8. Use Wikki Stix to make a birthday or event wall display on your wall!
  9. Use Wikki Stix during a reading lesson: children can underline text with Wikki Stix, reinforcing a sentence or passage.
  10. Use Wikki Stix to teach about body parts: outline a body image with Wikki Stix!