Designer Piggy Bank

Tillywik Award This is the way a Piggy Bank should look. It’s stout, hearty, pinkish, made of high quality ceramic, and it’s actually a pig, and a smiling one at that! So, even before you set about decorating it with the included assortment of 72 colored Wikki Stix, this happy fellow makes a playful, attractive addition to any home. But once the creativity kicks off and the Wikki Stix start to be applied, playtime fun catapults to a whole new level.

Wikki Stix are made of hand-knitting yarn enhanced with non-toxic food-grade wax, the kind used in bubble gum and lipstick. They’re each about six inches long, highly malleable, come in a variety of colors, and stick to almost any smooth surface using just a little finger pressure. The Piggy Bank provides the perfect canvas, and the Wikki Stix become the artistic medium children apply to great effect, making all kinds of colorful designs and nuances. They hold securely to the surface, and yet can be easily removed and repositioned, allowing whimsy and mood to guide kids to change the look of their Piggy Bank over time.

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