Animal Crafts are fun, exciting and educational…and perfect for stuck-at-home days! With Wikki Stix, even young kids can make animal crafts! Try one of the 6 EASY animal crafts below for summer fun creating and playing.

6 EASY Animal Crafts for Kids to Create!

Materials needed:

  • Wikki Stix (assorted colors)
  • Scissors

Kids can create any of the 6 Wikki Stix animal crafts with any colors of Wikki Stix desired. Each craft can be realistic with colors that correspond to real life animals or whimsical with imaginative colors kids choose on their own.  The directions below can serve as an introductory guide to creating with Wikki Stix. As kids become familiar with Wikki Stix, they will devise their own methods of creating various animal crafts on their own. Before crafting, set out assorted colors of Wikki Stix and scissors as an invitation for kids to create and play.

Directions for the Dragonfly Craft:

  • Kids can make 4 dragonfly wings by folding Wikki Stix in half and leaving a loop on one end (similar to a teardrop shape). The dragonfly’s body is created with two Wikki Stix twisted together (fold one twisted end under to create the dragonfly’s head). Kids can cut small pieces of Wikki Stix and form into ball shapes for the dragonfly’s eyes.

Directions for the Snake Craft:

  • Twist two colors of Wikki Stix together (tuck one twisted end under to make the snake’s head). Cut a piece of Wikki Stix and create a V-shape for the snake’s tongue. Press the V-shape under the snake’s head. Small cut pieces of Wikki Stix can be used as the snake’s eyes if desired.

Directions for the Turtle Craft:

  • Twist two colors of Wikki Stix together and then form the twisted strands into a tight spiral or pinwheel (the spiral will become the turtle’s shell). Cut ½ of a Wikki Stix and form into a ball for the turtle’s head (press the ball to the top of the turtle’s shell).  Cut small pieces of Wikki Stix to form the turtle’s “feet” and eyes for the craft.

Directions for the Tiger Craft:

  • Form a circle with ½ of any color Wikki Stix (this will be the Tiger’s head). Cut smaller pieces of Wikki Stix and form into ears for the Tiger. The ears should be firmly pressed to the top of the circle. Make an arch with ½ of another Wikki Stix and press to the circle (see photo). Kids can create eyes, whiskers, nose, tail, and/or a mouth with additional cut pieces of Wikki Stix as desired.

Directions for the Caterpillar Craft:

  • Invite kids to make 5 pinwheels with any color of Wikki Stix (wrap Wikki Stix tightly around itself beginning on one end to make the spiral/pinwheel shape). When finished creating all 5 pinwheels, press 4 pinwheels side-by-side firmly, then add the last pinwheel to create the caterpillar’s head. Antennae, eyes, legs, or other features can be added with additional cut pieces of Wikki Stix as desired.

Directions for the Butterfly Craft:

  • Kids can twist two Wikki Stix strands together and then fold the twisted stands in half to create the butterfly’s body. The butterfly’s wings are created with two heart shapes and two teardrop shapes with Wikki Stix. Add the shapes to either side of the butterfly’s body. Antennae, eyes, and a mouth can be created with smaller cut pieces of Wikki Stix.

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