The most recent Angry Birds movie has just been released in over 60 countries and kids are once again enthralled with all the bird characters.  Creating the Angry Birds characters with Wikki Stix is a great way to engage kids in creative FUN and hours of pretend play this summer!

Angry Birds-Inspired Crafts for Kids!

Angry Birds-Inspired Crafts for Kids with Wikki Stix!

Kids can create any of the Angry Birds characters from games they have played or from the movie with Wikki Stix.  Try a few of the birds below to get kids inspired to create and play this summer!

Red, the cardinal bird, has a cynical and angry outlook.  To create the redbird, use the following materials:

  • Red, White, Black, and Yellow (or orange Wikki Stix)
  • Scissors

Steps for creating Red:

  1. Use Red Wikki Stix and wrap the strands into a ball (similar to wrapping a ball of yarn). Feathers can be created with red and black Wikki Stix and pressed onto the ball.
  2. Create the white breast of the bird with white Wikki Stix. Press the white Wikki Stix into a circular pattern near the bottom of the red Wikki Stix ball.
  3. Cut small white pieces of Wikki Stix and make a tight pinwheel for the eyes. Small black dots are then pressed on top of the small white circles.
  4. Cut black Wikki Stix to form the “angry” eyebrows for the redbird.
  5. The beak can be created a small piece of yellow or orange Wikki Stix. Form the piece into a triangle beak by pinching between the thumb and forefinger before adding to the bird’s body.

Chuck, the canary bird, is very fast, but he often finds himself in a bit of trouble.  To create the canary bird, you’ll need the following:

  • Yellow, Black, Brown, White, and Orange Wikki Stix
  • Scissors

Steps for creating Chuck:

  1. On a table or a tray, make a circle with one yellow Wikki Stix. Continue adding yellow Wikki Stix on top of the initial circle to gradually form a yellow cone shape.
  2. Use cut pieces of white and black Wikki Stix to form small balls for the bird’s eyes.
  3. Orange Wikki Stix can be molded into a triangle and pressed to the yellow bird’s body to resemble the beak.
  4. Cut pieces of brown or black Wikki Stix are used for the bird’s feathers and eyebrows.

Kids can create any of the characters from the new Angry Birds movie (or any of the previously released games or movies) with Wikki Stix!  The Wikki Stix Angry Birds characters can be used over and over for hours of creativity and pretend play throughout the summer!

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Angry Birds-Inspired Crafts for Kids!