Back-to-school time is a busy time for Preschool and Kindergarten teachers (and parents who homeschool Preschool or Kindergarten). Kids can make huge gains in learning over the summer or they can lose some ground, too. The Alphabet Hunt the Room Collage Activity is a hands-on, playful way to get kids moving and learning (while also observing letter formation and fine motor skills with each child). Whether your own students are at home learning or in the classroom, they’ll have FUN hunting for items and creating letter collages with Wikki Stix.

Alphabet Hunt the Room Activity in Preschool

Prior to doing the Alphabet letters hunt the room collage activity, choose some favorite Alphabet books to inspire your own kids to begin thinking about letters and the corresponding sounds each letter makes. The books below are some favorites for engaging kids with the Alphabet.

Alphabet Books for Preschool and Kindergarten:

Alphabet Letter Books for Kindergarten

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Alphabet Oops!: The Day Z Went First

Alphabet Under Construction

I Spy Letters

Materials needed for the Wikki Stix Alphabet Collage Activity:

  • Assorted colors of Wikki Stix
  • Any heavyweight paper (recycled cardboard or cereal box cardboard can also be used).
  • Scissors
  • Small basket or container (for kids to carry items in)


Make an invitation to play, create, and learn by assembling all supplies on a large table.

  • Each student should create an Alphabet letter(s) on a piece of paper with Wikki Stix – teachers and parents can observe fine motor skills and letter formation as each of the kids create.
  • After creating the letter(s), each child should take a basket and hunt around the classroom (or home) for items that BEGIN with the letter created.
  • Kids can then create a collage using Wikki Stix to adhere all items to their mounting paper (kids can place Wikki Stix in random lines around the cardboard, and then press all found items to the Wikki Stix with firm fingertip pressure).
  • Invite kids to share their collage with peers or take photos of their collages to share in a class book or online slideshow for parents.

In the photos below, one student created the letter P: items found around the room were – pink items, puppy, paper scrap, pencil, the letter P (and more). Another student created the letter S: items found around the room were – squares, sixteen, seven, strawberries, the letter S, stop sign (and more).

Alphabet Collage Hunt the Room Small Group Activity:

The Alphabet hunt the room activity can also be used in small groups. Place a long sheet of butcher paper on the floor (or on a table). Preschoolers or Kindergarteners can make any chosen letters with Wikki Stix, hunt the room for items that begin with the same letter(s), and then use Wikki Stix pieces to adhere the items to the paper.

Your kids will love learning through playful creation. We hope your own students enjoy playing and learning about letters with the Alphabet hunt the room activity. For more ways to encourage learning through play with Wikki Stix this school year, please see:

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