During a recent flight from Phoenix to Portland, Oregon, we encountered two passengers using their Wikki Stix after purchasing the Kids’ Choice pack. The packs sell on Alaska Air flights and feature various popular food brands along with a Wikki Stix Play Pack.

The brother and sister we met decided to turn their Wikki Stix into ‘people’ and they allowed us to snap a photo of their creations. Thanks, kids!

Wikki Stix on Alaska Arilines

Tips for Traveling with Wikki Stix

Purchase the award-winning Tons of Fun ($16.95) or the Travel Fun Kit ($4.95).

For optimal results, keep your Wikki Stix in a cool location while traveling.

Consider taking lap trays with you during long drives. The lap trays can be used as a flat surface for Wikki Stix creations.

Purchase colorful paper from your local craft store. Use the paper to make Wikki Stix cards, shapes and more. Watch our video for additional ideas that can be utilized during travel:

When your children are finished using their Wikki Stix, keep the stix inside a plastic tub. This will stop dog hair and other debris from sticking to the product.

Take photos of your child’s creations for use in your travel memory book!

What are Wikki Stix made of?

Wikki Stix are made of hand-knitting yarn enhanced with a microcrystalline food-grade, non-toxic wax, the kind used in bubble gum and lipstick. They do not contain latex, gluten, nor peanut or other nut oils or byproducts which makes them an ideal creative activity toy for children with allergies.