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Wikki Stix Candy Corn Counting for Young Kids

Candy Corn Counting is a fun seasonal counting activity that encourages important skills for younger kids. By using Wikki Stix for learning crafts, young kids will enhance fine motor skills, [...]

Wikki Stix Sea Turtle Life Cycle for Kids!

Studying marine life is exciting for kids! Research tells us that kids who are exposed to nature and its inhabitants have a greater chance at becoming responsible adults who care [...]

Nature Experiment with Wikki Stix

What you will need: Wikki Stix Time outdoors Leaves, rocks, and small toys Grab your Wikki Stix and head outdoors for a little science experiment! Can you pick up a [...]

Wikki Stix Summer Crafts for Learning & Play!

The Wikki Stix crafts offered below are a great way to get children playing with math and literacy over the summer. Many kids struggle in the summer to retain important [...]

Back To School with Wikki Stix

Are you a teacher or home educator? Are you looking for fun ways to use Wikki Stix in the classroom or at home? Here are ten great ways to use [...]

Touch Math with Wikki Stix: Addition

We recently wrote a blog post about using Wikki Stix in Touch Point Math. We are carrying on our Touch Point Math suggestions today by demonstrating the use of  Wikki [...]

Wikki Stix in Tanzania (East Africa)

This is from the Jaffery Academy Special Education Needs department in Tanzania (East Africa). "The children use Wikki Stix with a lot of concentration and eye hand coordination (as you [...]

Social Emotional Skills with Wikki Stix

Here’s a fun idea for teaching about feelings and building on social emotional skills: Use Wikki Stix to create faces. Pin your poster to the wall and each morning, as [...]

Teaching Tools: Use Wikki Stix for Learning Basic Shapes

By Shara Weiss Is your kiddo learning about basic shapes? Whether you are home schooling or placing your child in preschool, you know: your child is learning quickly and picks [...]

Easter Egg Craft Using Wikki Stix

By Shara Weiss After accepting a job in a special needs classroom I was asked to teach Art each week. I happily accepted. I taught Art Masterpiece as a volunteer [...]