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Make Fun and Creative Paper Dolls with Wikki Stix!

What you'll need: Card stock, scissors, and Wikki Stix! For a single paper doll, use the Template attached here, print out the doll body and cut out the paper [...]

Make 3-D Wikki Stix Skeletons! Fun Crafts for Kids!

For hands-on fun and creativity, try this 3-D Wikki Stix Skeleton! Wikki Stix Educational Toys conform to ASTM D-4236, the safety standard for use in the schools. Wikki Stix peel [...]

Creative Summer Fun with Wikki Stix

One of our happy Wikki Stix customers recently shared three photos with us. Allie spent a summer morning creating fun projects with her Wikki Stix. She made a butterfly and [...]

Kids Get Creative with Milk Jugs and Wikki Stix

Create 3-D images with Wikki Stix and Milk Jugs! 1. An ocean scene 2. A Batman cave with two jugs stuck together, back to back, and a toilet paper roll [...]

Double-Sided Mother’s Day Card with Wax Paper and Wikki Stix

You will need: Wikki Stix (various colors) Wax paper (one sheet) Card stock (one piece) Crayons (for the rubbing) Pen or Wikkies (to write Happy Mother’s Day!) Instructions: Create your [...]

DIY: CD Case Labyrinth

This DIY craft idea is brought to you by The Journal of Giddy Giddy... check out their blog for other fun Crafts for kids! A recent spring cleaning frenzy had [...]

Creative Indoor Fun for Kids

When the weather is too cold, too snowy or too rainy for the kids to play outdoors, brew up some hot chocolate and host a neighborhood play day. A fun [...]

A Wikki Stix Poem

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Vikki. Entertaining her was really sort of tricky. When it came to playtime she was awfully picky, Up until the day [...]