What you’ll need:
Card stock, scissors, and Wikki Stix!

For a single paper doll, use the Template attached here, print out the doll body
and cut out the paper doll. To make your paper doll sturdier, use glue to attach
to light weight cardboard.

Paper Doll crafts for kids

Paper Dolls decorated with Wikki Stix are fun crafts for kids!

For a chain of paper dolls, trace the doll body onto paper or card stock that is folded in an accordion style (pleated). Be sure that the arms extend beyond the edge of the folded sheet. Cut the figure out and unfold.

Then get creative making outfits for each doll! A dancer! A cheerleader! How about a doll in pajamas, ready for bed! And you can create fun hair styles, too. See our row of adorable dolls for ideas.

A paper doll chain craft idea for the kids!Try our Single Color Paks for this project… now through February 10th, you can Buy One and Get One Free!

Be sure to share your creation with us when you’re finished. Post an image on our
Facebook page or email to info@wikkistix.com.