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Disconnect from Tech with Stress-Free Summer Activities for Kids!

It’s SUMMER! School is out for summer break and parents are trying to manage work schedules, kids’ summer schedules, and household tasks while finding a way to limit daily screen-time. […]

Get Creative with Summer Picture Journaling for Kids!

Journaling with kids is an awesome way to get kids thinking, creating, and organizing thoughts over summer break. For kids that are reluctant writers (or too young to write), making […]

Chicken Life Cycle and a Paper Plate Craft for Kids!

Learning about a life cycle is FUN for kids, but it also provides great opportunities to learn how animals develop and grow. The Wikki Stix chicken life cycle and […]

Mother’s Day Coupon Book and Monkey Craft for Kids!

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, kids can still create an adorable handmade gift from the heart! The Wikki Stix monkey craft is a whimsical addition to a printable coupon book […]

Reading Comprehension: Main Idea and Supporting Idea

By Barbara A. Breeze, B.A./M.S.

I love Wikki Stix and I know you do too – isn’t it fun to say it out loud? My name is Barbara Breeze. I have […]

Caring for an Orchid and an Orchid Craft for Kids!

Orchids are beautiful, but there are a few tricks to caring for orchids at home. Teaching kids to care for orchids is a wonderful practical life and learning experience. Try […]

Top 10 Wikki Stix Playful Math Activities for Preschool!

MATH! The word alone often holds a negative connotation even for many adults. When preschoolers are given MANY opportunities to PLAY with numbers and basic math concepts, they will gain […]

Fish Life Cycle Craft and Oviparous Animals

Kids of all ages are fascinated by FISH! Whether it is freshwater fish, saltwater fish, or aquarium fish, learning the basics of the fish life cycle and oviparous animals can […]

The Three Little Pigs: Read, Play, and Create!

Children adore classic fairy tales. Come read The Three Little Pigs and re-tell the story through playful construction of each of the pig’s houses!  It’s a great way to encourage literacy […]

5 Little Speckled Frogs and Counting Activities for Preschoolers!

Five Little Speckled Frogs is a beloved nursery rhyme for preschoolers.  To help preschoolers with a hands-on counting activity, try the Wikki Stix created frogs as props for the tradition […]