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100+ Ways to Play, Create, and Learn with Wikki Stix!

If you are new to the Wikki Stix blog, we welcome you! All through the year, we’ll share exciting activities for playful learning and creating with Wikki Stix. Whether you [...]

Beyond Memorization: Activities to Promote Critical Thinking with Wikki Stix!

Critical thinking skills are an important part of successful growth and learning for children. When kids are given an environment that allows them to observe, experiment, inquire, design, and think [...]

Using Wikki Stix as an After-School Activity

Here is what you will need: 1. A dry erase board 2. Wikki Stix That’s it! Purchase a dry erase board from any local store like Walmart or Target. Wikki [...]

Wikki Stix Minion Crafts: Putting Cool in Back to School!

Whether you are a teacher preparing for back to school or a parent whose children will soon be heading back to the classroom, Wikki Stix Minion crafts will help make [...]

Alaska Air and Wikki Stix: We’re on Board!

During a recent flight from Phoenix to Portland, Oregon, we encountered two passengers using their Wikki Stix after purchasing the Kids’ Choice pack. The packs sell on Alaska Air flights [...]

Back To School with Wikki Stix

Are you a teacher or home educator? Are you looking for fun ways to use Wikki Stix in the classroom or at home? Here are ten great ways to use [...]

Mid-September ! Already????

Written by Kem Clark, President of the Wikki Stix Co. Here are a couple of fun September notes: September 28th is National Good Neighbor Day…which affords a great opportunity to [...]

Time for Back-to-School… and long past time for us to have a Blog !

Written by Kem Clark, President of the Wikki Stix Co. There is always so much going on in Wikkiland that every time we discuss starting a Blog, it gets pushed [...]