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Wikki Stix Candy Corn Counting for Young Kids

Candy Corn Counting is a fun seasonal counting activity that encourages important skills for younger kids. By using Wikki Stix for learning crafts, young kids will enhance fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and gain the extra tactile layer so important for retaining information as they play to learn! CANDY CORN COUNTING To Create the Wikki …

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Wikki Stix Sea Turtle Life Cycle for Kids!

Studying marine life is exciting for kids! Research tells us that kids who are exposed to nature and its inhabitants have a greater chance at becoming responsible adults who care for our Earth and its creatures. This summer, discover and explore the magnificent sea turtle with a Wikki Stix created version of the sea turtle’s …

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Nature Experiment with Wikki Stix

What you will need: Wikki Stix Time outdoors Leaves, rocks, and small toys Grab your Wikki Stix and head outdoors for a little science experiment! Can you pick up a leaf using Wikki Stix? If you wrap Wikki Stix around your hand, can you pick up a small rock? Will a medium-sized rock stick to …

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Wikki Stix Summer Crafts for Learning & Play!

The Wikki Stix crafts offered below are a great way to get children playing with math and literacy over the summer. Many kids struggle in the summer to retain important skills developed during the regular school year. By using playful activities and crafts, children can practice basic skills in a FUN way with Wikki Stix! …

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Back To School with Wikki Stix

Are you a teacher or home educator? Are you looking for fun ways to use Wikki Stix in the classroom or at home? Here are ten great ways to use our product as a part of your teaching curriculum: Use Wikki Stix when learning about sea life. The children can create sea creatures and ocean …

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