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Beyond Memorization: Activities to Promote Critical Thinking with Wikki Stix!

Critical thinking skills are an important part of successful growth and learning for children. When kids are given an environment that allows them to observe, experiment, inquire, design, and think about their world, they will begin the journey toward the development of independent problem solving skills. By using Wikki Stix to help build important skills, …

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Thanksgiving Math Activity for Kids!

Wikki Stix Pony Bead Counting Sticks are a fun way for young children to learn basic math concepts in a hands-on way! Pilgrim Hat Math Games for Kids Download the Pilgrim Hat Template PDF here Materials needed: Wikki Stix (at least 10 per child), the Pilgrim Hats Template (linked above), pony beads (yellow/black/white), scissors, and …

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Wikki Stix Apples Activities for Fall Learning and Play!

As the end of August approaches, fall is just around the corner! The Wikki Stix Apples activities suggested below are a fun way for kids to create and learn as summer gives way to the new season! Download Wikki Stix Apple Tree Life Cycle Labels PDF Wikki Stix Apple Tree Life Cycle Materials needed: 1 …

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Nature Experiment with Wikki Stix

What you will need: Wikki Stix Time outdoors Leaves, rocks, and small toys Grab your Wikki Stix and head outdoors for a little science experiment! Can you pick up a leaf using Wikki Stix? If you wrap Wikki Stix around your hand, can you pick up a small rock? Will a medium-sized rock stick to …

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Eric Carle Acrostic Poem and fun learning activity for kids!

Calling all Eric Carle book lovers! Celebrate Carle’s birthday on June 25th with a fun CATERPILLAR acrostic poem. Click here to download the PDF. Print the page out and fill in the spaces. If you’d like to send your child’s page back to us (via fax or email) we’ll post the poem on our blog! …

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