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Wikki Stix Earth Day Crafts for Learning and Play!

By using Wikki Stix for special Earth Week activities, children will be introduced to a crafting tool that can be reused long after Earth Day has passed! Wikki Stix can be repurposed for many different learning activities and crafts throughout the year! Wikki Stix Layers of the Earth Craft Materials needed: Red, Orange, Yellow, Black, …

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Beyond Memorization: Activities to Promote Critical Thinking with Wikki Stix!

Critical thinking skills are an important part of successful growth and learning for children. When kids are given an environment that allows them to observe, experiment, inquire, design, and think about their world, they will begin the journey toward the development of independent problem solving skills. By using Wikki Stix to help build important skills, …

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Wikki Stix for Occupational Therapy

Are you an Occupational Therapist? Wikki Stix can be used in therapy with both children and adults. Wikki Stix manipulatives are perfect for teaching handwriting skills, for visual discrimination, for use as fidget tools or during kinesthetic learning activities, as a psychosocial tool, and more. Visit our Occupational Therapy page to learn about our Made …

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We LOVE Wikki Stix

Written by The Nurse Mommy Blog I just love finding new products for my boys. Especially when it is something that not only entertains but also helps develop some motor skills and creativity. My oldest son was sick all last week with the flu and we had lots of time to just hang out at …

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Numbers and Counting

Wikki Stix: Numbers & Counting Published in the Journal of Recreational Mathematics This is one of the coolest manipulative toys for education that I have ever seen. I worked with the PTA of the elementary school that my daughter attended and if I had known about this product back then I would have recommended that …

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