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Make 3-D Wikki Stix Skeletons! Fun Crafts for Kids!

For hands-on fun and creativity, try this 3-D Wikki Stix Skeleton! Wikki Stix Educational Toys conform to ASTM D-4236, the safety standard for use in the schools. Wikki Stix peel up very easily from a slick, smooth surface including walls, windows, boards, plastic and wood making them a perfect craft tool! Really easy to use, …

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Creative Summer Fun with Wikki Stix

One of our happy Wikki Stix customers recently shared three photos with us. Allie spent a summer morning creating fun projects with her Wikki Stix. She made a butterfly and a bee – check it out! Thanks for sharing your photos with us, Allie!  


Kids Get Creative with Milk Jugs and Wikki Stix

Create 3-D images with Wikki Stix and Milk Jugs! 1. An ocean scene 2. A Batman cave with two jugs stuck together, back to back, and a toilet paper roll as the tunnel 3. A Hello Kitty house


Double-Sided Mother’s Day Card with Wax Paper and Wikki Stix

You will need: Wikki Stix (various colors) Wax paper (one sheet) Card stock (one piece) Crayons (for the rubbing) Pen or Wikkies (to write Happy Mother’s Day!) Instructions: Create your colorful flower on the wax paper, using Wikki Stix. Push down so the Wikki Stix are well positioned. Take your card stock paper and lay …

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DIY: CD Case Labyrinth

This DIY craft idea is brought to you by The Journal of Giddy Giddy… check out their blog for other fun Crafts for kids! A recent spring cleaning frenzy had me wondering what to do with a bunch of empty CD jewel cases. Surely these perfectly square containers were good for something? Indeed! They make …

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